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Apple’s AI revolution at WWDC 2024: Wall Street’s optimistic outlook amidst market dip

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
12th Jun 24 2:36 pm

Apple unveiled its ambitious AI integration strategy in Cupertino, California, during the WWDC.

The strategy, which includes a more conversational Siri with deep blending of OpenAI technology, excited Wall Street, with most seeing it as a significant market move.

While making the announcement, Apple clearly emphasized privacy with a user-friendly design. However, the market reaction after the announcement was underwhelming, with Apple stock closing down nearly 2% on the day.

Wall Street analysts and financial institutions are confident in Apple’s strategic move despite the day’s market sentiment. Goldman Sachs believes Apple’s AI features will drive its hardware sales, especially for the latest models. These new features will only affect newer models like the iPhone 15 and Macs equipped with M1 chips or better.

Analyst enthusiasm: A catalyst for growth

Citi analysts were categorical that this year’s WWDC was the best, praising Apple’s introduction of “AI for the rest of the people.” Apple wishes to democratize and improve AI accessibility to a broader audience, hence identifying with the phrase. Atif Malik from Citi believes that the AI features, together with the launch of the iPhone 16, will be a grand cycle of super upgrades, leading to the launch of the iPhone 17 in 2025.

JPMorgan shares Citi’s view on emerging markets, believing that Apple’s introduction of AI will have an impact. Another analyst, Samik Chatterjee, believes that most iPhone users will upgrade, especially in regions where affordability is an issue.

Apple’s AI initiative is a game changer, as it already has a wide installed base to refine and roll out its advanced technology. The developer can easily monetize customer data within Apple’s ecosystem, improving its growth trajectory.

Long-term implications for Apple’s growth

The WWDC 2024 announcement was critical for Apple, marking its deep dive into the AI domain. The introduction of its AI generative potential on several software platforms highlights its commitment to improving developer tools while encouraging innovations.

Although Apple stock experienced a downward trend after the announcement, other players in the sector, including Amazon and Google, saw growth. Such reactions within the same day show how markets respond differently to AI in their spaces. Nvidia, another critical player in AI, saw its daily gains reduced.

By integrating AI into its products, it acknowledges AI’s influence in various markets. What remains is to see the impact of such a move on the firm’s revenue stream.

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