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Currency wallet Zumo announced as signatory to the global CCA

7th Jun 21 12:22 pm

Zumo announces its key Signatory status of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), a global initiative which has been established with the sole aim of harnessing the collective efforts of the crypto community to support the industry’s transition to 100% renewable energy and achievement of net-zero emissions by 2040.

As a CCA Signatory, Zumo commits to work alongside other CCA Supporters on key projects which prioritise climate stewardship across the industry that seek to decarbonise the wider crypto sector.  Zumo assents its time and expertise to facilitate and accelerate the development of the operating standards, tools, and tech necessary to achieve the objectives of the Accord.

Via voluntary open-source working groups and a ‘big tent’ approach, Zumo and fellow CCA Supporters will determine key areas in which their expertise can help to drive action, engage with stakeholders, and generate ideas and targets that all contribute towards realising the Accord’s shared vision of industry-wide decarbonisation.

Nick Jones, CEO of Zumo said, “Zumo has been climate neutral since our inception in 2018.  The industry, of course is not.  However, ours in an industry evolved purely from pioneering tech innovation, and through initiatives such as the Crypto Climate Accord, we are mobilising quickly through collective responsibility towards a clean-tech future.

As an early Accord Signatory, Zumo is committing proactive direct action to engage in knowledge-sharing initiatives and collaborative project development with our key partners to drive down the carbon footprint of our industry.

While today’s announcement is mostly about sharing the news of our Signatory status and trying to spread awareness of the Crypto Climate Accord, we have ambitious plans around how and where Zumo can specifically apply knowledge and expertise and in the open-source ethos of the Accord, we will be very open about sharing our learnings and our journey both within the framework of the Accord and beyond. Watch this space.  We will have much to share over the coming months and years.”

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