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Generative AI to become a $1 trillion market by 2031

by Tech Reporter
8th Jan 24 12:34 pm

The generative artificial intelligence (AI) market is beating all odds, with the industry poised to deliver stellar market performance in the forthcoming years.

According to an analysis by Stocklytics.com, the generative AI market will hit 1 trillion by 2031, with a whopping CAGR of 48.05%. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia envision the most gains from this impending growth.

Edith Reads, the site’s financial analyst, said, “In the wake of the development of new AI tools, there’s been an escalated interest and demand in the technology. The growing curiosity about how they operate and how much they can help has propelled its immense success.

“With new innovative tech designs set in motion, we can expect the domain to garner an impressive trajectory in the coming years.”

AI market progression since 2022

The start of AI tools like ChatGPT aroused an intense buzz around automation and chatbot technology. Soon enough, the domain saw a flooding increase in its tools, boosting its market share and popularity ratings.

ChatGPT remains the most successful AI tool, commanding a massive user base of over 180.5 million users and up to 1.7 billion visits in November 2023.  The app still receives positive backing, with 97% of business owners believing it will increase their earnings.

The larger artificial intelligence market is also receiving positive reinforcements, with countries like China and India controlling about 60% of its consumption worldwide. The two countries are the best markets for this growing technology due to their massive market base, with the largest population worldwide.

The United States is still the leading country regarding AI influence and investments. Since 2013, the US has poured $ 250 billion into artificial intelligence startups.

Generally, the AI market will see explosive growth in multiple industries globally in the coming years. Currently, about 80% of businesses are using or exploring artificial intelligence. Among them, 35% have already adopted it into their operations, while 42% plan to implement it.

Projections are that the more significant economic gains will result in China’s 26% boost and North America’s 14.5% by 2030.  India is expected to witness an astounding growth of up to $3,935.5 million by 2028, resulting in a grander profit scale for the entire AI market.

What are the driving forces to the growth of the AI market?

The consumer appeal is a central propeller for the increased interest in artificial intelligence tools. The new technological developments are a massive wormhole for users. For instance, the use of AI to develop self-driving vehicles and incorporate large language models caught the attention of many consumers.

The self-driving car market is expected to bloom exponentially to about 13.7 billion by 2030, with almost 10% of vehicles being driverless. The significant language models will generate about $247 billion for the AI domain by 2032.

The AI market’s focus on digital advertising has improved its chances among new consumers. Undoubtedly,  digital advertising presents robust opportunities to illustrate brand stories at context and scale. With the help of ads, AI tools will attract more consumers who are interested in what they offer. The AI space expects a rise of over $190 billion by 2032.

The projected growth rate hints at further software development and a complete influx of artificial intelligence tools. By 2032, artificial intelligence will have made stable progress in our business and overall systems.

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