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Genshin impact revenue soared to $153.4m in January 2021

by Tech Reporter
16th Mar 21 11:30 am

Genshin Impact continues to have astounding success in the global games market. According to the research data analysed and published by Safe Betting Sites, it was the fourth highest grossing mobile game worldwide in January 2021.

It raked in $153.4 million during the month, 33% of the tally coming from Japan, 25.7% from China and 17.4% from the US.

Based on data published by CGTN, Japan was the top overseas market for Chinese game publishers in 2020. The top 30 Chinese mobile games earned $2.3 billion from the country, marking an 81% year-over-year (YoY) increase.

Chinese games raked in $7.6bn overseas in 2020, up by 36% YoY

The highest grossing mobile title globally for January 2021 was Honor of Kings. Thanks to a 22% increase in consumer spending, it grossed $267.3 million. 97% of the total came from China and 1% from Thailand.

PUBG Mobile was second, rising by 26% to $259 million. 69% of its tally came from China and 9.8% from the US. Though Genshin Impact has higher international appeal than these two titles, 74% of its revenue came from Asia.

Genshin Impact generated $393 million in the first two months following its September 2020 launch. It grossed $60 million in its first week and $245 million in its first month. Comparatively, Fortnite Mobile earned $25 million during its first month, while PUBG Mobile gained $30 million in its first four months. Pokemon Go once held the Guinness World record for generating $207 million in its first month.

In the US, Genshin Impact was the sixth highest grossing game in Q4 2020. During the quarter, Chinese titles accounted for 20% of total US mobile gaming revenue, generating $780 million.

Throughout 2020, Chinese games made strides in the overseas market. According to the Game Publishers Association Publications Committee (GPC), they generated $7.6 billion from overseas markets in 2020, up by 36.32% YoY.

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