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GoodHabitz announces integration of ChatGPT into its learning platform

by Tech Reporter
18th May 23 11:04 am

GoodHabitz, the digital learning provider, is shaking up the EdTech sector with the integration of ChatGPT, an advanced generative AI technology, into their online learning platform.

GoodHabitz is introducing three ChatGPT-powered features, enabling learners to engage with their own Personal Learning Assistant – an AI course expert designed to enrich course content and enhance the employee’s learning journey. In addition, users can now take advantage of Quiz Time, an interactive test that identifies knowledge gaps, or participate in a new learning activity ‘Drive to sell’, a simulated role-playing exercise to improve communication by interacting and adapting their approach with diverse personality types. Users interact with a ChatGPT-powered persona, who has taken on one of the four Birkman communication colours.

GoodHabitz’ CEO, Maarten Franken, said: “By leveraging this cutting-edge integration, we will continue to live up to our promise of delivering the most impactful learning content for our students, while also taking the user experience to the next level by boosting engagement and interactivity with the means of generative AI”.

The integration of ChatGPT into GoodHabitz’s platform offers various benefits to employees and companies that want to adapt to the changing landscape of the tech-driven future and meet its demands. Capitalising on AI-powered features, organisations can improve learning outcomes, increase knowledge retention and transfer, reduce training time and resources, as well as promote continuous learning and development.

Franken continues, “As experts in the field of learning and development, we understand that people’s learning preferences have evolved significantly in recent years, and we must stay ahead of the curve to meet their needs. Soft skills are prevalent with a focus on themes like authenticity and out-of-the-box thinking. To meet these needs, effective, engaging and relevant training is required. ChatGPT-powered features are an exciting contribution to the GoodHabitz solution, offering an entirely new level of learning that was not possible before. We believe that innovation and technology hold the key to the future of learning.”

GoodHabitz is gradually introducing new features to selected existing clients, with further accessibility expansion to more users later this year.

In a world where data breaches and privacy violations seem to happen all too often, GoodHabitz stands out and takes an active approach to ensure user and learner data and privacy remains protected. The company goes beyond compliance with an iterative launch process that has ongoing compliance and quality assurance at its heart. GoodHabitz’s commitment to responsible data handling remains a top priority as it continues to enhance its platform with advanced AI technologies.

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