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Host Mobility partners with Avassa to bring container application management

by Tech Reporter
25th May 23 4:34 pm

Avassa, a provider of a container application management platform for the edge, is pleased to announce a partnership with Host Mobility, an expert manufacturer of custom edge hardware solutions.

The collaboration will allow Host Mobility customers to securely and remotely install, run and lifecycle manage containerized applications on their hardware, which is typically installed in trucks, buses, or other distributed edge environments.

Avassa’s container application management platform offers robust orchestration, monitoring, and versioning capabilities, which will help Host Mobility customers streamline their application deployment and observability process. With the Avassa platform, customers can quickly deploy and manage containerized applications on Host Mobility hardware, resulting in improved operational efficiency, a higher cadence of new features, and significantly reduced overhead.

“We are thrilled to partner with Avassa to bring their cutting-edge container application management platform to our customers,” said Helena Johansson, CEO of Host Mobility. “This partnership is a natural fit for us, and it allows us to offer both container orchestration and robust hardware that is purpose-built for the edge. We are confident that our customers will benefit from the enhanced capabilities that the Avassa platform provides.”

The Avassa platform runs seamlessly on Host Mobility’s hardware, ensuring streamlined operations in rugged and distributed environments. The platform’s advanced security features will also provide an additional layer of protection for Host Mobility’s customers, ensuring that their applications and data remain secure at all times. Applications can include for example AI applications or software for predictive maintenance.

“Avassa and Host Mobility have a key quality in common, we make life easier for developers who design applications for distributed environments such as vehicles,” said Fredrik Lundberg, CEO of Avassa.

“Our platform is designed to help customers deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications quickly, securely, and at the pace of new features additions. We are excited to work with Host Mobility to provide their customers with a powerful and easy-to-use container application management platform.”

The partnership between Avassa and Host Mobility will provide customers with a comprehensive solution for deploying and managing containerized applications in distributed edge environments and will spearhead the containerization of applications running in vehicles of any kind.

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