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How the UK is leading the way in the DeepTech Industry

by Tech Reporter
16th Sep 22 2:14 pm

TechWorks is an industry association at the core of the UK DeepTech community with an ambition to harness the country’s fantastic engineering and innovation to develop our position as a global technology super-power.

The UK tech sector is continuing to grow rapidly, and a lot of the leading tech solutions and innovations are being driven by the UK DeepTech sector.

The UK now has over 96 tech ‘unicorns’ (private companies valued at over $1bn), collectively worth £333bn, compared with just eight in 2010 and this growth is expected to continue as the nation continues to lead the way.

While Fintech has historically dominated the headlines in the UK tech sector, the DeepTech sector is starting to gain considerable recognition and market attention.

This advanced tech revolution is the driving force behind key UK tech sectors and industries including Connected/Autonomous Vehicles, IoT and Cyber Security, and Medical Advances and many UK DeepTech companies are leading the way in helping solve global problems such as climate change, food shortages and alternative energy.

The enabling power and potential to catalyse change that the sector has is what really sets it apart from other tech sectors and is why it is embedded in so many vital current and future tech solutions.

Deep Tech firms will often develop core scientific or engineering innovations which is what distinguishes them from the majority of tech firms that focus on the incremental refinement of standardised technologies.

DeepTech is a term used to describe established and start-up tech firms whose solutions are using complex and high-level tech innovation in engineering, scientific advances or a combination of both.

The technology used by DeepTech firms is often driven by AI or machine learning and the UK is in a strong position with a wealth of leading brands and talent and is carving out a leading place in the global DeepTech landscape, alongside superpowers such as the US and China.

The TechWorks Awards provide a fantastic showcase for excellence in the fast-paced DeepTech industry – celebrating achievements & behaviours conducive to a healthy and vibrant industry. The 2022 awards are NOW open, and all awards are completely free to enter, with a quick and simple online process.

Alan Banks CEO of TechWorks, added,“It is exciting to see DeepTech thriving in the UK and I believe this is due not only because of our academic excellence in this field and continued investment in this sector but also our ability as a nation to lead the way with innovation.

“It makes me immensely proud to see the UK leading the way in shaping so much of the technology that will define the future. We have leading minds working on some of the most advanced tech solutions such as AI and machine learning and across so many other exciting technologies.

The UK is starting to become a breeding ground for DeepTech companies that are leading their fields with their innovative advanced tech solutions. The UK must now fortify its position as a leading player in the global Tech Industry and I believe that DeepTech will play the most crucial part in this.”

This year, the awards are split into three main categories and are designed to suit individuals, companies and organisations across the entire tech industry. They have historically attracted an impressive number of entries showcasing some amazing tech propositions. The 2022 Categories feature a strong range of awards from Automotive, Manufacturing and IoT to Research Excellence.

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