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Hypercasual genre racked up 6.3bn mobile game downloads in 2020

by Tech Reporter
8th Apr 21 1:07 pm

The hypercasual genre was the largest category in mobile games in 2020. According to the research data analyzed and published by Safe Betting Sites, it accounted for 31% of all downloads during the year. Games in the top 1,000 titles under the genre accumulated a total of 6.3 billion downloads during the year.

Based on a study by Deconstructor of Fun, Voodoo was the top hypercasual publisher during the year. From slightly over 1 billion downloads in 2019, the publisher had almost $1.6 billion installs in 2020, up by 52% YoY.

Top genre by revenue, RPG racked up $18.7bn, 29% share of total

According to Statista, Voodoo was the top game publisher on iOS in January 2021. During that month alone, the publisher had 24.65 million downloads. The figure was close to double the 13.06 million downloads that second-placed Lion Studios had. Tencent Studios was third with 10.09 million.

In February 2021, Voodoo had 28 million downloads on the App Store and 78 million on Play Store. Other mobile game categories that performed well in 2020 included Arcade and Puzzle games. Arcade game downloads grew by 33% YoY to four billion downloads and had a 15% share of the total. Puzzle games grew by 78% YoY to 3.7 billion downloads and had a 13% share.

On the other hand, RPG genre took the lead in terms of player spending. It accounted for a 29% share of total revenue from the top 1,000 titles, generating $18.7 billion. Compared to 2019, that was a 26% increase in spending. The Strategy genre was second with a 21% share and $14 billion in revenue. Puzzle games came in third with a 13% share and total revenue of $8.3 billion.

Under RPG, Genshin Impact was among top revenue generators. According to Sensor Tower, the game generated about $874 million in the first five months after launch. It is the highest-grossing RPG game globally and the third mobile game overall.

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