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Internet pioneer Michael Onghai joins American blockchain PAC’s board

by LLT Editor
18th Jan 22 11:45 am

The American Blockchain Political Action Committee is pleased to announce that Michael Onghai has joined our Board of Advisors. As one of the earliest pioneers of the Internet revolution as former CEO of Looksmart, Michael Onghai is also a seed investor in Coinbase, FundersClub, and Upflex. He currently is principal and seed investor in Alpha Sigma Funds, and a director of MGT Capital, a publicly traded company engaged in mining of Bitcoin.He also was one of the pioneer software developers of the Human Genome Project.

“I am honored to help our country and the American Blockchain PAC,” said Michael Onghai, American Blockchain Political Action Committee Board Advisor. “As history has proven with once emerging and now general purpose technologies such as electricity and the internet, blockchain will be bigger than what the inventor visualized. Imagine the cost of verification dropping down to near zero: What kind of productivity does it unleash? I have seen blockchain related inventions coming from the rest of the world, and to a meaningful degree, they are eating USA’s lunch. We need a strong organization to educate politicians how to embrace this powerful technology and keep the USA as a technology leader.”

“Michael is not only an ally in this paradigm shift for advancing America’s innovative future, he is a friend,” said American Blockchain PAC Founder Todd White. “I am honored to have him join the American Blockchain Political Action Committee’s Advisory Board and entrust his valuable insights will help shape the present and future landscape of this critical technological ecosystem and foster advances in governance.”

“It is befitting that Michael Onghai, an Author, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and patent holder, is now joining us in leading the blockchain-digital assets revolution,” said Adelle Nazarian, American Blockchain PAC CEO. “Just as Michael changed the way of life for generations to come with his insights back then and now, his invaluable perspectives on blockchain and this new frontier of emerging technology will once again help leap humanity forward.”

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