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Lord’s Ticketing Goes Digital at 2023 Men’s Ashes Test, thanks to AudienceView Spotlight

by Tech Reporter
15th Aug 23 10:00 am

Lord’s Cricket Ground, known as the ‘Home of Cricket’ and one of the oldest sporting grounds in the UK, moved to digital ticketing for General Admission attendees during their recently concluded Men’s Ashes Test.

The initiative was delivered through the Lord’s mobile app, powered by AudienceView Spotlight.

Lord’s primary objective for the move was to offer attendees a convenient way to access their tickets, that was both more sustainable and eliminated the hassle of traditional methods. This was a move that clearly went down well with attendees, with the app sporting a 4.6/5 rating in the Apple App Store from over 5,000 reviews.

Another key focus for Lord’s was to utilise Spotlight’s ticket transfer functionality to unlock data from Ashes attendees outside of the lead booker. This was another strong success across the Test match, with 25% of all tickets shared with other attendees. This innovative feature enabled the venue to both grow their database and open communication channels that would not have been possible without Lord’s Spotlight app.

The benefits for Lord’s also extended into ticket security; as one of the most high-profile sporting events in the world, the Men’s Ashes Test attracted tremendous demand, which usually equates to an increased presence of fraudulent tickets on the second-hand market.

That said, Lord’s reported notably lower instances of fraudulent tickets being presented vs. event days with high paper ticket usage. This positive outcome highlights the benefits of digital ticketing in both improving ticket security and mitigating the negative influence of scalpers and touts on fans.

Jeff Wollen, Chief Information Officer of Marylebone Cricket Club, expressed his satisfaction with the digital ticketing implementation, stating: “I’ve been very impressed with the outcomes achieved so quickly with our Lord’s App this season. We decided to have a major push on Digital Ticketing for this Ashes year as we wanted to improve our General Admission ticket purchasers’ experience of ground entry, ticket sharing and protection from fraudulent scams and touts.

“We have an excellent partnership with AudienceView who understand our needs and who’ve demonstrably gone the extra mile to make sure things have gone smoothly during such an important year at Lord’s.”

Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView, also commented on the achievement, saying, “Spotlight’s collaboration with Lord’s Cricket Ground has showcased the power of digital ticketing in enhancing the fan experience. We are proud to be at the forefront of transforming ticketing operations for prestigious venues like Lord’s and look forward to what the future of digital ticketing holds.”

Aptly named AudienceView Spotlight, the mobile app platform has been adopted by industry giants such as The O2, OVO Arena Wembley Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and many more. Spotlight is available as a standalone product that integrates with other ticketing systems, and also as part of leading ticketing platform; AudienceView Unlimited.

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