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Meet the start-up on a mission to kill emails for lawyers

by Sam Kayum tech journalist
28th May 21 3:01 pm

Legal technology platform Legal Connection is on a mission to replace a myriad of communication tools used in the legal industry with a single communication and collaboration tool for remote teams to interact with one-another and their clients.

Legal Connection is built specifically around the needs of virtual law firms and participants of the legal gig economy, compared to traditional legal tech solutions which are built around the needs of centralised law firms.

Founded by Guy Stern, the platform is the world’s first legal management platform to integrate directly with accounts provider, Shieldpay.

There are currently more software products available for running a legal practice than ever before, with most firms likely to be using one product to communicate with clients, another for internal communication, file management tools, billing softwares and more. This way of working can be not only time consuming and frustrating but it can pose a security risk, especially when teams are distributed or working remotely.

Legal Connection works to replace the multiple tools used by law firms across all areas of the business,  with one simple product that does it all.

CEO of Legal Connection, Guy Stern said: “Essentially, our goal is to help connect the legal world and ensure that clients receive the best representation possible for the case at hand. Legal Connection allows freelancers to run their own virtual law firm, whilst staying connected with their clients and managing their work from any device.

“This also means that lawyers can more readily find work that aligns with their expertise, instead of searching through emails and numerous other communication tools, so it really is a win-win.

“I was surprised to learn that there was no legal tech solution specifically designed for lawyers who wanted to collaborate with lawyers from outside of their firm.

“Legal Connection has been designed to be the daily driver for lawyers that work across networks, helping lawyers to communicate and collaborate all in one place.

“Due to the steady rise in virtual and distributed law firms, we’ve been able to identify a gap in the market which will allow us to help companies collaborate and manage payments in a secure digital space.”

Legal Connection centres each matter around a rich-text group chat, where lawyers can discuss a case, share documents, quote, invoice and log time. This is not only a helpful way to stay connected with clients but also serves as a record of all the work completed by legal professionals and their teams.

The platform also offers a document management system, where all files shared in the chat are shown in the file area of that matter and can be organised into folders. Legal Connection works with Google Docs, allowing users to collaborate on a document in real time, with no need to pass around multiple versions.

Legal Connection also offers a transparent billing process, made simple for both the lawyer and client. Quotes can be created with either a fixed fee or estimated billable hour, which can be accepted by clients in the chat, where the lawyer can then generate an invoice.

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