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Money platform launches partnership to encourage women to invest

by LLT Editor
19th Jul 22 9:56 am

interactive investor, the UK’s second largest pension and investment platform, has partnered with peer-support movement, Money Movers, to enable more women to take charge of their long-term financial wellbeing and to inspire them to invest according to their sustainable values.

Money Movers is a peer-to-peer initiative aimed at women who are motivated to invest, particularly those who want to do so sustainably, but who don’t know where to start. Interactive investor is delighted to become a founding sponsor of the programme, lending financial support to this important programme.

The initiative is led by Huddlecraft – a network of support for peer-to-peer learning and action.

As founding sponsor of this year’s programme, interactive investor has trained one of its staff as a Money Movers’ Host, who will host the peer-to-peer sessions and report back on progress. They will also add the total of their collective money moved towards sustainable investments to Money Movers’ grand total.

ii’s Money Movers Host will gather friends and colleagues for informal group sessions in a friendly setting to discuss how money flows around the economy, and how women can take control of their own investments to secure their own financial futures, and a sustainable future for the planet.

Becky O’Connor, Head of Pensions & Savings, interactive investor, says: “This partnership is a practical approach to tackling the gender pension and investment gap by giving women a place to talk informally about their finances and also what they care about, which increasingly is finding more sustainable places to invest, save or bank their money.

“interactive investor has long campaigned for more and better personal finance education in schools. A lack of confidence and understanding of financial matters can make it harder for adults to make good financial decisions. This project is a friendly, informal and inspiring way to create engagement where there is interest, but perhaps a level of discomfort.”

Anneka Deva, Money Movers Lead, explains: “Peer-to-peer support is a hugely effective tool. There’s no shortage of information out there but sometimes we need a little help from our friends to go from wanting to take climate action with our personal finances to actually taking the leap.”

“As the UK’s second largest retail investor platform, we knew having ii on board for this project would be incredibly valuable – and we are confident we have chosen an influential ambassador for our cause, and one which will inspire many women to take action for their financial futures, and for the planet!”

Becky O’Connor continues: “Many people feel motivated by campaigns such as Make My Money Matter to look under the bonnet of where their pensions and savings might be invested.

“More conversations about where our money goes is a good thing, and there’s strong evidence that peer learning can be effective in all sorts of settings – and it doesn’t just have to be in the classroom! We absolutely love this Money Movers initiative, because rather than focussing on the problem, it seeks to find a solution”

Camilla Esmund, PR Manager and Money Mover host, interactive investor, says: “The prospect of becoming a Money Movers’ Host was an opportunity I was keen to jump on. I love the ability of the programme to directly address the gender engagement gap in finance and investment, whilst showing just how important investors are as stewards of capital and how we can all make our money a force for good in the world.

“This is not about giving advice, but rather sharing open and honest conversations about how we as women think about money and our financial goals more broadly.

“I think perhaps we often underestimate the sheer power of just having a conversation about money, or shy away from the subject, which perpetuates the taboo. Just having a few conversations can open so many doors, and in this instance, it can shed much needed light on areas where many of us feel in the dark.”

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