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More than half of US companies expect to recruit for Metaverse jobs next year

by Tech Reporter
5th Dec 22 4:50 pm

As the world increasingly moves online, the possibilities of the metaverse are becoming more and more apparent. With its ability to provide virtual travel, customer service interaction, and new customer experiences, the metaverse provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In fact, according to BanklessTimes.com, more than half (52%) of US companies expect to recruit for Metaverse jobs in 2023.

BanklessTimes CEO Jonathan Merry commented on the data saying, “The metaverse will revolutionize the internet as we know it, providing new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers in more immersive ways than ever before. From virtual shops and experiences to virtual concerts and events, the possibilities are endless.

“As companies look at how they can make use of this technology to gain a competitive edge, they will need to attract the right talent and skills to capitalize on this opportunity. Thus, the demand for metaverse jobs is set to increase significantly in the coming years.”

Merry added, “Metaverse is the next evolution of the internet, offering a 3D virtual representation of the real world.
“This will give consumers unprecedented access to experiences, services, and goods tailored to their individual needs and desires.”

From virtual travel to health provider interaction, the metaverse era is set to bring a wealth of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. With its ability to provide immersive digital experiences, the metaverse also presents an exciting avenue for companies to expand their reach in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

The Metaverse will profoundly impact how we work, learn, and play. It will also create new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. It will be where people can interact with each other and with machines naturally and intuitively.

Businesses and entrepreneurs need to start planning now for the Metaverse. They need to think about how they can use the Metaverse to create new products and services and how they can use it to reach new markets. They also need to consider how they can use the Metaverse to increase their profits. Now is the time to start preparing for the future of the internet – a future that will be powered by the Metaverse.

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