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Musk scores one over Zuckerberg as X rebrand voted as better new 2023 tech trend than Threads launch

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
8th Jan 24 12:44 pm

A recent poll found more people voted for Twitter’s rebrand as their favourite new tech moment in 2023 than the launch of Meta’s new app as psychic reveals 2024 tech trends

In a new survey for Betfair Casino as part of their ‘What’s new in 2024’ series, more people voted for Twitter becoming X as their favourite new technology trend in 2023 than the launch of Meta’s rival app, Threads.

16% of tech users voted for Elon Musk’s Twitter rebrand, beating Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads that only attracted 12% of the vote.

ChapGPT was ranked as the most popular new tech trend of 2023 with a third saying it was their favourite of the year, beating the iPhone 15 release with 30% of the vote, which foldable phones were ranked by 21% as the best new bit of kit.

What were the best new technology trends of 2023? 

ChatGPT 32%

iPhone 15 release 30%

AI (Artificial Intelligence) 28%

Foldable mobile phones 21%

Virtual reality 21%

Twitter becoming X 16%

Threads 12%

To predict what will be new in 2024, Betfair Casino created a one-of-a-kind slot machine that reveals tarot cards which are combined with celebrity psychic Inbaal’s Honigman’s mystic energy and powers to forecast what wil be new for 2024.

Inbaal highlighted the Seven of Disks, the Magician, and the Princess of Cups cards from Betfair Casino’s 2024 slot machine, as the main astrological insights into tech next year. For the future of technology, she predicts that a one-person business venture will take the editing world by storm.

Inbaal reveals: “The focal point of new tech innovation will be around improving the experience of the one-person business venture.

“A full, new at-home studio for the self-employed creative will take a step further into materialising, in an innovative single-step solution of a mixing desk which includes professional quality microphones, a new self-aware camera and versatile lighting, all feeding into an advanced single programme that presents the editing features in an easy to use format that innovates in its simplicity.

“The entire innovative concoction would be available at a total value which is well below the cost of each item individually. The marketing will target women who run their own content creation businesses from home, and will show how little interruptions and distractions can be quickly and easily erased from a polished final product. The name of the new product will be linked with the ancient Roman God Mercury, whose golden winged sandals made him a quicker communicator than any of the Gods in mythology.”

The ‘What’s new in 2024?’ series comes from Betfair Casino, who released on average 25 new games a month in 2023, with plenty more to come in 2024.

The series found that half of us did something new in 2023 with 45% saying the experience is the reason for doing something different.

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