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NFT cumulative trading volume surpasses $65bn in Q2’2022

by LLT Editor
4th Aug 22 9:01 am

According to the data from TradingPlatforms.com, the total volume of NFTs exchanged recently surpassed 20 million ETH in Q2 2022. That volume translates to a total value of $65 billion.

Commenting on the data, TradingPlatforms Edith Read said. “NFT popularity is growing with every passing day. The celebrity wave influences people to possess these digital assets. Besides, the prevailing “crypto winter” has made people shift to NFTs.”

NFT market to grow by $147.24 billion in 2026

The NFT market is expected to increase by 147.24 billion dollars between 2022 and 2026, at a CAGR of 35 percent.

Behind that high demand is an increasing number of big brands embracing the NFT market. There’s also an upsurge in fractionalized NFTs and a growing roll out of AI applications.

In addition, increasing digital asset investments may influence the NFT industry further. Moreover, there is a huge desire to own NFT due to its security of ownership.

Another aspect contributing to the enormous trading volumes of NFTs is the crypto meltdown. Most investors who purchased cryptos at much higher prices hold off on closing their holdings in the red. They would much instead look for possibilities to invest in other crypto assets. NFTs provide them with a greater likelihood of profiting from their investments.

NFT overflows with believers

Marie Tatibouet, the chief marketing officer (CMO) for Gate.io, is one of the enthusiastic members of the crypto community. She is optimistic about the growth prospects of NFTs in the future.

During the Paris Blockchain Summit, she agreed with Kevin O’Leary of the television show Shark Tank on his belief that the NFT market has the potential to outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in market cap.

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Inc., clarified that the e-commerce giant was not considering introducing crypto as a payment mechanism. Yet, he claims he might envisage a future in which it starts selling NFTs.The full story and statistics can be found here: NFT cumulative trading volume surpasses $65 billion in Q2’2022



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