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Restaurants plunge into Metaverse and NFT worlds

by LLT Editor
18th Mar 22 1:20 pm

Chotto Matte has successfully taken on the US and UK market in iconic cities such as Miami, Toronto and London. Following the positive movement of the restaurant, founder, Kurt Zdesar decided to delve into the cryptocurrency world and involve Chotto Matte through an NFT, the first of it’s kind.

The Chotto Matte NFT, to be named The Founder, allows the owner the access and lifestyle, uniquely enjoyed by founder Kurt Zdesar.

This will include exclusive and phenomenal benefits, including being invited to all future restaurant openings, to the likes of Marylebone, Doha, Riyadh, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Founder will be a Chotto Matte branded digital wallet that the owner can access through a portal containing the list of their perks. When the owner wants to redeem a perk, they simply click on the event, and a team member from Chotto Matte will reach out to them to coordinate. There will only be ONE Founder NFT produced, and it is currently the only Chotto Matte membership available, adding to its exclusivity.

However, as Zdesar explains, “This exclusive membership represents our first, but not our last, leap into the metaverse,”.

The owner of The Founder will get access to every new Chotto Matte opening with the chance to fly on behalf of Chotto Matte and stay in beautiful hotels, starting in London’s new Marylebone restaurant opening end of April. Chotto Matte Marylebone will provide a relaxed hub, adapting seamlessly to the location, while the
unmistakable essence of the brand remains at the forefront.

Other benefits The Founder offers is invites to major sporting events, such as F1, and a Chotto At Home experience

“Innovation is a pillar of the Chotto Matte brand; from the menu to design, we always aim to push the boundaries,” says Kurt Zdesar, Owner and Founder of Chotto Matte.

“After great successes in the US, Europe and Canada, the crypto space is another market I want to explore. It’s the future and there is so much yet to be done.”

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