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Samsung warning: Radiation levels of Galaxy S22 and A series approaching dangerous thresholds

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
12th Jun 24 2:46 pm

While Samsung’s earlier smartphone offerings exhibited lower radiation levels, the radiation outputs of some of the company’s more recent models are considerably high.

According to Stocklytics.com, the Galaxy S22 and A23 series have the highest radiation levels among other Samsung models, hinting at Samsung’s subtle failure to maintain low radiation levels for its better models.

The site’s financial analyst, Edith Reads, said, “Samsung has come under scrutiny following recent revelations about the radiation levels of its popular Galaxy S22 and A Series devices.

“These phones may exhibit higher radiation levels due to the complex interplay of advanced features, high-performance antennas, and intensive power demands, all of which contribute to increased electromagnetic emissions in order to maintain superior connectivity and functionality.”

Galaxy S22 and A series high radiation levels

A mobile phone’s specific absorption rate must remain under 2 Watts per kilogram. Unfortunately, some of Samsung’s A Series and S22 are perilously approaching this limit. The Galaxy S22 series, for example, has an ear SAR of 1.21 W/kg and a body SAR of 1.59 W/kg, which is concerningly high.

Furthermore, the A23 series expels even higher radiation levels during calls, given its ear radiation levels are about 1.49W/kg(ear). While its body radiation rate is considerably lower at 1.25 W/kg compared to the S22, it remains significantly higher than other models.

In contrast, while the Galaxy A14 has lower radiation levels than the A23 series, still shows relatively high SAR values. The 5G variant of the A14 has an ear SAR of 1.19 W/kg, similar to its body SAR. Following the A14, the A42 5G model has a slightly lower ear SAR of 1.15 W/kg.

However, the newly launched S24 series, released in January this year, has surprisingly lower radiation levels despite including a new Galaxy AI system. The S24 Ultra has an ear SAR of 1.06 W/kg and a body SAR of 1.30 W/kg, indicating Samsung’s effort to keep radiation levels in check.

Samsung’s commitment to low-radiation devices

While the Samsung S22 and some A Series models exhibit high radiation levels, Samsung has a track record of producing low-risk radiation-emitting devices. For instance, the Samsung A55 series and A35 5G models have negligible radiation levels for both ear and body.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is another model with notably low radiation levels, about 0.19 W/kg (ear). Additionally, the A72 series maintains a steady ear SAR of 0.23 W/kg and a body SAR of 1.17 W/kg, suggesting that Samsung phones are still relatively safer than many other models on the market.

Going forward, Samsung must address the A23 and S22 series issues to reassure consumers and maintain its reputation for low-radiation devices. Ensuring future models exhibit low radiation levels will be crucial for consumer safety and confidence.

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