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The user-spending on non-game apps in the App Store is set to increase by 176% by 2026

31st Aug 22 3:40 pm

Gaming apps account for the majority of revenue on the App Store currently. However, that might change in the coming years.

According to the numbers presented by Safebettingsites.com, the user-spending on non-game apps in the App Store is set to increase by 176%, by 2026.

This increase in revenue would see non-game spending from users eclipse the spending on games in the App Store in the coming years.

Share of non-game spending to go from 39% to 57% in five years

According to the information provided by SensorTower, non-gaming apps on App Store are expected to see tremendous growth in user spending in the coming years. 

The cumulative user spending on app purchases, in-app purchases, and subscription fees in the App Store was $82 billion in 2021. Of this amount, $52 billion (61%) came from gaming apps and $33 billion (39%) from non-gaming apps.

In 2022, the overall spending is expected to reach $92billion, an increase of 12.2% from 2021. Of $92 billion, non-gaming apps should account for $39billion (42.4%) and spending on games should account for $53billion (57.6%).

Comparing these numbers to 2021 figures shows that spending on games will only increase by one billion. Hence, the majority of growth in App-Store spending in 2022 is expected to come from non-gaming apps. 

According to projections, this trend is expected to continue at least until 2026. In 2024, the spending on non-gaming apps will eventually surpass that on games. By 2026, the expenditure from users on non-gaming apps is expected to reach $91billion – making up 57% of the entire spending of $161 billion.

When we look at the five-year period, the total spending in the App Store is projected to increase by almost 90% – from $85billion in 2021 to $161billion in 2021. However, the growth in game-spending will be just 35% – from $52billion in 2021 to $70billion in 2026.

As stated earlier, the majority of growth is expected from the non-gaming sector. The spending on non-gaming apps will increase from $33billion to $91billion – a massive change of 176% which is significantly higher than 35% growth expected for gaming apps.

The growth in spending on non-gaming apps is majorly attributed to the entertainment sector, with the subscription model becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

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