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Blockchain gaming sector sees immense expansion, with 49% market share in 2022

by Tech Reporter
21st Mar 23 2:26 pm

According to a CryptoMonday.de report, BC gaming accounted for 49% of all dApp industry activity. The site has provided data that shows BC gaming attracted 1.15 million dUAW and a transaction count of 7.4 billion.

These dUAW figures represented an 85% jump from the sub-sector’s 2021 figures of 662 thousand.

CryptoMonday’s CEO Jonathan Merry attributes the surge in BC gaming activity to several factors. Merry suggests:

The explosive growth of blockchain games in 2022 can be attributed to several factors, including the rise of play-to-earn models (P2E), the increasing popularity of NFTs, and the growing interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) within the gaming community. These factors, combined with the unique advantages that blockchain technology offers, have created the perfect setup for blockchain gaming to emerge as a dominant force in the dApp ecosystem.

CryptoMonday’s CEO Jonathan Merry said, “Merry reckons the BC gaming sub-sector can only grow as more players discover these benefits. He predicts BC gaming to continue driving innovation and growth in the broader dApp ecosystem.

“Among the factors behind the surge in BC gaming numbers is the embracing of NFTs, which are unique digital assets representing virtual and real-world items such as art, virtual land, and in-game items. These tokenized game assets facilitate digital ownership and enable players to trade them, unlocking new gaming economies.”

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