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Brazilian computer-vision automation BotCity raises $2,5 million seed round from Softbank

by LLT Editor
16th Dec 21 5:22 pm

Developer-focused automation platform raised $2,5 million in seed funding, co-led by Softbank Latin America Fund and Astella Investimentos. Also participating in the round were Alexia Ventures, Norte Ventures and angel investors.

BotCity was founded in 2020 by Gabriel Archanjo, software engineer with masters in IA and expertise on image processing and computer-vision, and Lorhan Caproni, second-timer entrepreneur, who sought to increase productivity and remove complexity for developers to build and manage unique automations on any environment, as web, desktop, android or legacy systems.

“Tech teams need to automate unique processes to increase efficiency and scale their business operations, and these unique processes demand developers and coding. We saw the need to create a solution from developers to developers, with an interactive tool that automatically generates code when interacting with UI elements from any platform. Just code (with open source SDKs) and computer vision. We are removing complexity, boundaries and increasing productivity in automation ops”, says Gabriel Archanjo, BotCity’s co-founder and CTO.

BotCity group of products delivers a full solution for automation ops, from building to deploy, from managing to scale automation. The solution gets completed with BotCity Maestro, a full orchestration platform, with easy deployment and the possibility to run and manage your automations from any virtual machine or containers, making the automation ops scalable from day 1.

“Our end-to-end solution offers productivity for both companies and developers. Companies get scalable with a lot of automations and developers save lots of hours working with code in a developer-focused tool.” says Lorhan Caproni, BotCity co-founder and CEO.

As for the new funding, BotCity wants to expand globally and become a leader on developer-focused automation and RPA and launch their community license and new modules and features, such as lambda integration and BotCity Docs, a new module focused on document-reading and processing.

Astellas’s partner Marcelo Sato highlights the fact that developer tools are still incipient in Brazil: “Although this is a growing market worldwide, BotCity’s solution is yet unprecedented, and it has an enormous potential both in Brazil, where the innovation market grows exponentially, and abroad”, he says.

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