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Oscar Acoustics expands range of tech products

by LLT Editor
24th May 22 10:26 am

Oscar Acoustics has expanded its product range on NBS Source, the highly-successful manufacturer product
platform, with the addition of its isolating soundproof ceiling mounts, ‘Iso-Mount Type1 and 2’.

As Great Britain’s leading provider of architectural acoustic finishes for noise reverberation control in buildings,
Oscar Acoustics have added Iso-Mount to its product range to provide clients with the best possible ceiling
soundproofing. From houses, flats, conversions, new builds and renovations to commercial spaces such as
hotels, offices, shops and restaurants, the Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling system is ideal for significantly reducing
unwanted noise from above.

Sound passes through ceilings and floors as vibrations and sound pressure waves generated by footsteps,
music or voices on an upper floor. These penetrate and travel through floorboards, joists and ceilings in the form
of vibration and noise. By creating an isolated ceiling using Iso-Mount, specifiers will stop the vibration that
causes the transfer of unwanted noise from floor to floor.

Type1 is designed for timber joist ceilings and achieves minimum ceiling height loss (as little as 6 mm). The
Type2 allows for installation where plasterboard ceilings cannot be removed, e.g. in listed buildings or under

Since all the installation work is carried out from the floor below, there’s no need to rely on access permission
from neighbouring occupants on upper floors. The entire installation process is quick and hassle-free.

Iso-Mounts have also achieved a 90-minute fire rating where required at the BRE (Building Research
Establishment) testing facility, helping to increase fire safety within both new and existing structures. This is good
news for specifiers, looking for best-in-class product and specification data. Detailed product information is now
readily available on NBS Source, such as the Iso-Mount’s fire safety credentials, tested to BS EN 1365-2:2014
Fire Resistance Tests.

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