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Rocket Science: Innovative satellite network company OneWeb signs new three year deal with DataOps.live

by Tech Reporter
24th Sep 22 3:44 pm

DataOps.live, the London-based software company dedicated to helping organizations build and manage essential data applications and data products more effectively, has announced a new three-year contract with London-based OneWeb.

This exciting expansion will chart a path to increase the number of users by more than 4x with continued planned growth.

“You know the saying, it’s not that complicated, it’s not rocket science? Well, our business is complicated, this is rocket science and we need an extremely powerful and reliable data environment to manage our operations and achieve our goals,” says Miguel Morgado, Product Owner – Service and Platforms, OneWeb.

“Our single Self Service Data Hub empowers all our users to consistently break new ground and increase business value. And this isn’t a vision, it’s happening right now.”

With data discoverability provided for all OneWeb users, the volumes involved are staggering. The environment ingests 55 billion rows every day, 1,000 trillion rows of data under data platform management, and 8.8. trillion rows in a single table. With Data Quality a critical requirement, DataOps.live enables more than 200 automated tests per data source.

  • Previously, it took several weeks to access all OneWeb data: it now takes 20 seconds.
  • Time to share data with a distribution partner has fallen from several weeks to two hours.
  • It takes two hours to create a dashboard compared to two weeks previously.
  • The number of dashboards has increased from five in August 2021 to 700 today.
  • It takes just one day to analyze one billion records.
  • The number of use cases has increased from two to 14 per month.
  • A 625% data increase is anticipated over the next 12 months.

“We started with a vision for a totally new data-driven operating model. A vision of self-service democratised data,” says David Bath, VP Digital Products, OneWeb. “We wanted strong governance without stifling the creativity of individual engineers.” He says DataOps.live and Snowflake took OneWeb “from vision to production in a frankly terrifyingly short time.”

The solution began life in March 2021 as a proof of concept, initially planned for 12 weeks. “The business value we gained immediately was immense, and with the help of DataOps.live we transformed the POC into our Self-Service Data Hub in just two weeks, sharing our first production data only a week later,” Morgado said.

“We’ve grown fast to include hundreds of developers and operators and continued creating new value—so it was a natural development to commit to a further three-year deal and take our relationship with DataOps.live forward.

“Satellite networks are extremely complex, comprising Terminals, Satellites, and Gateways. As you would expect, we face a huge range of business and technical challenges. We use data to solve those challenges. Our unique stack founded on DataOps.live, Snowflake and data.world gives us a single source of truth for all stakeholders to access, consume, and share insights.

“This is a cutting edge data architecture, with centralized governance for all our decentralized data. The user need never worry about the magnitude of the data process or the volume of data. We can increase the volume of the data with each additional tenant added. It’s easy, seamless, and transparent.”

There are currently 32 tenants (governance domains). “Thanks to DataOps.live and data.world, we’re also saving millions of dollars in Snowflake credits,” Morgado adds.

Justin Mullen, DataOps.live CEO and co-founder told LondonLovesTech.com, “We are delighted to further strengthen our relationship with OneWeb. Both our companies are working at the leading edge of our respective fields. DataOps.live means OneWeb can make better and faster decisions based on reliable, highly governed, high-quality data.

“We provide that all-important end-to-end orchestration, governance and control combined with a truly federated and agile self-service approach. And we provide that at the scale and robustness that enterprise organizations like OneWeb need.”

As digital experiences are reshaped and accelerated in a post-pandemic world, DataOps.live is the most powerful #TrueDataOps platform for the Snowflake Data Cloud. In 2022, DataOps.live secured a USD $10.3m seed funding round with Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures.

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