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Tesla’s Stock Is Genz’s Favorite, with 20% Of the Generation’s Investors Owning the Stock

by LLT Editor
28th Jul 22 5:26 am

In a quarter of a century, Millennials and Generation Z( Gen Z) will inherit a lot of investments from their aging parents. However, most of them are not waiting for the inheritance. They are already securing their future by investing in various fronts. According to findings from Moneyzine, Tesla (TSLA) is the most popular stock for Generation Z investors. Currently, 20% of Generation Z investors own Tesla stock.

Apart from Tesla, the young investors are keen on Apple, with 13% of the young investors owning shares. The research analyzed the preferences of Generation Z investors across the US and the UK for one year ending in April 2021.

Speaking about the findings, the CEO of Moneyzine, Luke Eales, said: “When choosing what to invest in, sustainability is a critical consideration for younger investors. Therefore, Generation Z considers green technology part of the future and is investing in that.”

GenZ Investment Patterns 

Investing in socially conscious causes has sparked a lot of enthusiasm among GenZs and other young adults. Consumers in Generation Z have come to recognize the importance of solid brand values when investing. Moreover, GenZ investors are keen on the impact of their investments on the environment. Besides, they consider social justice and corporate governance (ESG).

Gen Z investors have been instrumental in introducing a new financial investment into the fashion sector. StockX and FlightClub are two online trading sites popular with GenZ. They use the sites to buy and resell vintage apparel, accessories, and sneakers.

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