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Tintra PLC finalises joint venture with Artificial Intelligence partner

17th Mar 22 8:52 am

Innovative fintech company,  Tintra PLC has formed a joint venture with award-winning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning business, TMC2, via its subsidiary Finsensr.

The Joint Venture will utilise or create advanced, end-to-end AI tech – some already patented – to revolutionise how compliance between developed and emerging market economies works. This exciting tech stack includes the utilisation of lightning-fast large scale predictive modelling and semantic embeddings of financial data; together with the development of scalable efficient solutions based on customised shallow classifiers, deep learning, and Bayesian inference for robust and explainable predictive modelling.

Tintra is focused on enabling financial institutions, EMI’s, multi-nationals, and large corporates in the emerging world to gain access to banking systems that understand their geographic need. Using pioneering payments technology and compliance infrastructure will evolve the global banking industry. Where other fintech’s iterate, Tintra will innovate across the space.

In forming a joint venture with TMC2 – the team behind Mashtraxx, the AI engine being used to power a multi-billion dollar US based social media platform – Tintra aims to eliminate or radically improve the well documented emerging market issues of KYC & AML. The mission is to utilise these solutions to democratise financial regulation and level the playing field for all markets and make access to the global market place as seamless in Africa or Asia as it is in Europe or the United States.

Gary Wright, lead for TMC2 in the transaction stated, said “We are extremely excited to enter into this long-term partnership with Tintra to support the expansion of its business through the use of our leading-edge artificial intelligence.

Our in-house team includes PHDs in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. A Senior Executive Team with experience in the financial sector across financial services, Technology, Corporate banking, Investment management, Fund Management, and transaction services. With our key personnel gaining experience in institutions including Sungard, Mann Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, M&G, Prudential, Simplex Technology amongst a host of others

We are setting out to create the next generation of intelligent automated AI RegTech that we are confident will help power another billion-dollar unicorn, like Mashtraxx before it. We hope that this will revolutionise how the financial services industry fulfils the complex demands of KYC and AML compliance and regulatory legislation”

Tintra PLC is publicly listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and also available on the OTCQB Venture Market in New York.

In early November 2021, the PLC unveiled plans to raise additional capital to accelerate its growth strategy.

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