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Traders pile up short positions as grayscale abandons Ethereum futures ETF plan

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
10th May 24 11:20 am

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum’s price has staggered to a near support level of $3,010, falling by 2.57%. This follows Grayscale’s unexpected withdrawal of its application for an Ethereum Futures ETF.

Interestingly, traders are accumulating short positions, believing prices will drop drastically.

Grayscale withdrawals might highlight a complex regulatory environment surrounding crypto ETFs.

They show how difficult it is to overcome the hurdles regarding crypto ETFs, showing that crypto regulation dynamics will take longer to settle.

As the SEC evaluates the Ether Future ETF application, the crypto industry must grow patient and observe the outcome. The effects of the decision might adjust every decision regarding Ether investments.

Uncertainty looms over Ether’s price dynamics

Grayscale’s abrupt retreat from its Ethereum Futures ETF proposal has left the crypto community puzzled. Traders are preparing for Ethereum’s prices to shake up, but surprisingly, many are betting against it. This lack of confidence hints at uncertainty about Ethereum’s trajectory, especially with the SEC’s upcoming decision on the ETF.

There’s also chatter about Ethereum possibly losing its security classification, which could scare off some investors.

As the final day of the SEC’s decision nears, analysts and the crypto community are growing cold feet about Ether’s future ETF approval. Polymarkets data points to almost 90% of participants anticipating denial of Spot Ether ETF. Ethereum’s performance compared to Bitcoin and its uses further drives the uncertainty.

Mixed predictions amidst market turmoil

Despite the current uncertainties, several traders believe in Ethereum’s long-term prospects. The unknown crypto trader, Ash Crypto, made a comparison of historical trends and patterns, suggesting that Ether will surge greatly in Q3 2024. Moreover, Crypto Palace has predicted Ethereum’s movement within a falling wedge pattern, anticipating possible sideways movement around a notable support zone. Yet, amid the confusion and future predictions, traders must brace for volatility ahead.

Traders must remain alert as the crypto market navigates these unclear days, monitoring the market trends as they wait for the SEC decision on Ether Future ETFs. These coming days are crucial for crypto lovers, including Ethereum fans and the entire crypto ecosystem.

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