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You can now run a business from your phone with these apps

by Tech Reporter
18th Aug 21 1:39 pm

Smartphones have revolutionised how we work and with the rise in remote working changing how businesses operate, you no longer need to be sat in an office to have a productive day. With an app for almost anything, it’s now easier than ever to run a business from your phone, no matter where you are in the world. Mobile phone retailer Fonehouse has revealed the nine best apps to help take advantage of your smartphone’s full business potential.

QuickBooks Accounting 

Mobile accounting apps allow you to manage your finances on the move, no matter how far away from the office you are. QuickBooks is one of the most popular pieces of accounting software and the QuickBooks Accounting app does everything the online software does, in a phone-friendly format. Features include everything from tracking your milage and creating invoices to managing your expenses and viewing your profit, all whilst on the go.


Mobile scanning apps turn your phone into a portable scanner, transforming any physical document into a handy digital copy. One of the most downloaded is the iScanner app, which lets you scan your documents, save and share them, as well as letting you sign documents on the move thanks to the app’s e-sign feature. Depending on how often you need to scan your documents, the free version allows you to export five documents a day, with the unlimited version available for £19.99 a year.


Good communication within a business is one of the most important elements of having an effective workplace and remote working has taught us that video meetings can be just as beneficial as attending in-person. Taking the number one spot in Apple’s business chart, Zoom is one of the most effective video conferencing apps to use with your employees, as well as with other people outside of your company.


With remote working seemingly set to stay, team communication apps are key to keeping in contact with your employers, no matter where you are working from. One of the top business messaging apps is Slack, which makes team communication a breeze by transforming your phone into a modern-day office. The app allows you to split your conversations into channels, offering the opportunity to communicate with selected employees on certain topics or projects, as well as individual chats so you can talk to employees directly.

Google Drive

By keeping your company’s documents saved in cloud storage, you can work smoothly across your browser, mobile, tablet or computer. The Google Drive app lets you easily store and access all your company’s shared files and content in one secure place, so you can access them using your phone at the touch of a button.

Google Docs

Integrated seamlessly with Google Drive, the Google Docs app lets you create, edit and collaborate with your team on your company’s documents whilst on the go. The app allows you to work on your documents anywhere, including whilst offline. Google Sheets and Google Slides apps are also available for spreadsheets and presentations, meaning you can have the full Microsoft cohort at your fingertips.


Project management apps let you keep on top of what your team is doing, no matter your location. The Asana app allows you keep organised and manage your own and your teams’ projects and tasks in one place. Using lists, tasks can be assigned so employees can immediately see what they need to do, which tasks are a priority and when the deadlines are.


Being organised is a key trait for running a successful business and a notes organiser app helps you do just that, by storing all your notes neatly in one place. The Evernote app is a useful tool that can help business owners capture and arrange their ideas on their phones when inspiration strikes. From to-do lists to meeting notes, everything is stored on the app so you can stay productive on the go.


If you are only to have one social media app on your phone, as a business owner, it must be the LinkedIn app. The go-to networking platform allows you to build and communicate with your business network, keep people up to date on your company as well staying on top of industry news, all from your phone.

Ben Branson, CEO of Fonehouse said, “Over the last year, we have seen a large increase in requests from our customers looking to buy mobiles to use for business purposes.

“There are many great smartphones available on the market that will meet your businesses needs and we recommend making the most of the apps available to download from the App Store and Google Play to stay organised and productive, and untimely help you run your business no matter where you might be.”

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