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FOREO is combining the digital world and the beauty industry by offering innovative NFTs prior to conventional product release

by Cass Donovan
21st Sep 22 4:25 pm

Challenging the way beauty products are bought and sold, the renowned LUNA range is now on the blockchain – and FOREO is the first ever skincare brand to create NFTs of its must-have products before they are brought to market.

There are five different NFTs in the launch and each one represents a product from the innovative LUNA 4 collection. Each has 50 variants, so there are 250 exclusive, limited edition NFTs to choose from. There’s just one more surprise in store – FOREO has teamed up with NFT designer Mariam to create and sign a one-off NFT for the most sought-after item in the collection that will be sold at auction.

All profits from the NFTs (including the proceeds from the auction, as well as all the royalties generated from NFT trades) will be directly donated to the following charities: Tjejzonen, Hope Givers and the Scleroderma Research Foundation. These focus on helping struggling individuals to better manage mental health issues or offer targeted assistance for skin conditions. This support promotes FOREO’s ongoing efforts to work with and increase awareness for great skincare and how feeling better on the outside can improve mental health.

FOREO CEO Boris Trupcevic is aiming to inspire younger generations and drive a new way of thinking for other brands in the beauty industry. He believes that those in the spotlight have a responsibility to their audiences to move away from unrealistic beauty standards. Branching out into new technologies can create an interest in how products are developed and constructed, as well as bring the right information about the results they can expect from their purchases.

Consumers are changing how they interact with products and brands. As a result, it’s important for beauty and skincare names to be socially conscious and build inclusive communities for men and women from all walks of life. NFTs can showcase innovation and bring fresh eyes to the niche at a time when product and brand awareness are at their most prevalent.

FOREO are taking the benefits of blockchain technology and bringing them forward to audiences everywhere via stunningly designed NFTs. As there is a correlation between self-image, skin conditions and general mental well-being, this is a great way to reach a whole new demographic. The rise of shareable content has added pressure to the beauty industry and unattainable beauty standards have been trending for too long. FOREO is combining NTFs with their innovative LUNA 4 range to advocate not just great skin, but confidence and self-love, too.

With all this in mind, FOREO is revealing the latest in a long line of innovative skincare products: the LUNA 4 collection. As the world’s top-selling skincare brush, the newest design has worked to improve the feel of the cleansing device with softer silicone touchpoints.

These are capable of providing a gentler, yet deep cleansing experience with five massage modes and a  NIR LED light for heating and microcurrent features. All of this works together to boost circulation, improve natural collagen production and even tackle cellulite in problem areas.

A full facial treatment will take just 3 steps and 6 minutes to complete, with immediate spa-level results. Simply use the LUNA 3 for one minute, followed by the UFO 2 for 2 minutes and finish with the BEAR microcurrent device for healthy, glowing skin that looks as good as it feels.

All FOREO’s products are designed to offer premium skincare without breaking the bank and users can expect innovative LED light therapy, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Microcurrents and T-Sonic pulsations for the ultimate experience.

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