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Korify Capital launches $100m fund for biotech sector

by LLT Editor
23rd Dec 21 11:24 am

Korify Capital, with its core mission of contributing to advancing the rollout of paradigm shifting biotech companies, has announced the launch of its first venture fund, Korify Capital Fund ONE. It aims to raise up to $100m for breakthrough investments in biotech platform companies with a focus on longevity and mental health.

Korify’s focus is to invest in companies that give people the opportunity to live longer, healthier, and happier lives by both preventing and treating age-related diseases and mental illnesses. The new fund is being launched at a time when the biotech sector is transforming rapidly through evolving artificial intelligence and machine learning, leading to diminished costs and a speeding up of vital development processes.

“Researchers are rapidly expanding our understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying the ageing process. At Korify, we want to invest in a future of medicine that is more preventative as opposed to treating illness.” says Davide Ottolini, co-founder of Korify Capital.

“Additionally, in our opinion one of the major problems in the current process of treating mental health issues with pharmacological interventions are observed response rates. We think this needs to be remedied through biomarker-based intervention protocols, and through new treatment options altogether.”

Korify Capital Fund’s first investment has been allocated to the distributed development company Cambrian Biopharma Inc. Cambrian is developing treatments that target the biological drivers of ageing. They do so by developing interventions that treat specific diseases first, before deploying them as preventative medicines to prolong healthspan, the period of life spent in good health. Each of the 14 novel therapeutics in Cambrian’s pipeline targets a different type of damage that builds up with age, such as molecular alterations, cellular dysfunction, and tissue degeneration.

Korify Capital acts as the global venture arm of Robin and Peter Lauber’s family office Infinitas Capital. Managed by Davide Ottolini, Korify builds on Infinitas’ deep investor and venture networks and successfully agnostic investment strategy to channel funds into carefully considered investments in biotech, as well as opportunistic projects within the wider technology and hyper-growth sectors.

The team behind Infinitas has over 30 years of experience in company building and are trusted advisors for companies comprising over CHF 500 million in assets. Their expertise and top-tier venture capital network play an integral role in the success of Korify Capital as it launches its first fund, allowing it to invest in the most exclusive venture capital opportunities.

Robin Lauber, co-founder and Chairman of Infinitas Capital, said, “Infinitas has established a strong ecosystem of venture capitalists, family offices, founders, and scientists that enables us to connect the brightest minds across our portfolio and access some of the most exciting technologies and companies. We are thrilled to launch Korify Capital Fund ONE to leverage our strong ties to tier-1 VCs.”

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