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Majority of workforce believes Government gives no support in helping find a job as AI is Expected to offer more

by Tech Reporter
6th Jul 23 3:40 pm

The leading Recruitment and Employment Technology Company, CareerWallet has recently published an extensive global workplace survey to give a true overview of working life and how the jobs market is being impacted by political and economic factors, technology and industry changes.

The report has highlighted that over half of job seekers (53%) admit that they don’t believe the government offers any support in helping them find a new job. Most job seekers (52%) are still using job sites and aggregators to look for their next role, making it the most popular way to find a job. This was followed by job seekers applying directly on company websites (28%), using recruitment agencies (23%) and word of mouth (22%).

AI solutions have exploded over the last year and apps such as Chat GPT are starting to impact the recruitment industry as job seekers are using this tech to help draft their CVs/resumes and businesses are starting to adopt AI to review CVs and choose the most specific for the role based on set criteria which can save hours in work. This AI-based software only uses the recruitment-related criteria points it has been given which can help reduce bias during the recruitment process.

The role of artificial intelligence in recruitment is expected to explode over the next few years while trust in government support is declining year on year. For many, AI will offer an opportunity to access and apply for jobs that they might have struggled too previously, thus reducing the need for government job support centres and even online services.

Craig Bines, CEO of The CareerWallet Group, commented, “It is no surprise to see that the vast majority of job seekers are disgruntled with the support they get from governments. Many offer outdated and poorly managed services that don’t give any additional value to people looking for work.

AI is already starting to give job seekers solutions that make it easier to find a new role.  Our cutting-edge tech offers job seekers an intuitive and comprehensive job search and a quick and easy system to apply for a new job. We currently have millions of vacancies available globally and offer.”

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