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Russia’s Killnet launches a ‘major attack’ on Lithuania ‘disrupting Lithuania’s network interaction with the rest of the world’

by Sam Kayum tech journalist
28th Jun 22 10:51 am

Russian hackers have launched a “major attack” on Lithuania and have cut off 70% of their internet infrastructure from the web after they refused to stop blocking EU sanctioned goods transiting to Kaliningrad.

The Russian hacker group called Killnet said it took them just 39 hours to cut off 70% of Lithuania’s internet infrastructure from the web.

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Killnet tweeted, “At the moment, Lithuania is in sadder conditions than Kaliningrad. And we keep our promise!”

The group had warned, “Let me explain on my fingers: – Web integration of Lithuanian websites and electronic systems is in the ‘Blockade,’ that is, ‘Geo block,’ web traffic and other means of communication are available only within the republic.

“Thus, we are disrupting Lithuania’s network interaction with the rest of the world.”

Lithuania’s deputy Defence Minister Margiris Abukevicius said: “The main targets are state institutions, transport institutions, media websites.”

A Killnet spokesperson said that they will not stop attacking Lithuania until the the blockade is lifted and the hacking group further claim that they have crippled four airport websites.

The group said, “Thanks to our attacks, they are still available only from Lithuanian IP addresses, and their speed, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.”

Killnet said in a message sent via Telegram, “We continue to hint unequivocally to the Lithuanian authorities that they should immediately withdraw their decision to ban the transit of Russian cargo from the Kaliningrad region to Russia.”

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte, said, “Lithuania is complying with the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia for its aggression and war against Ukraine.”

Jonas Skardinskas, acting director for the country’s National Cyber Security Centre said, “It is very likely that attacks of similar or greater intensity will continue in the coming days, especially in the transportation, energy and financial sectors.”

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