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Social media experts give their views on Threads with a warning to stay clear of so called ‘Threads experts’

by Tech Reporter
10th Jul 23 11:15 am

Meta’s Threads has been live since last Thursday. On the back of this, UK newswire, Newspage, asked social media experts how businesses and charities can make the most of the news platform for marketing purposes.

Jessica Ross, founder & CEO as Smashtag social warned of the so called “Threads experts” that it is too early to be receiving “strategic advice” because the platform is too new.

Ross said, “Beware the Threads ‘experts’. Nobody has got a clue right now, and anyone who is giving you strategic advice on how to use a platform that’s just a few days old is talking total nonsense.

“We’re all figuring it out together, so businesses should be careful before they part with money to work with someone who claims to know more than the rest of us. Because they almost certainly don’t.”

Ben Foster, CEP at The SEO Works said, “The lack of paid advertising features means that brands, for now at least, will be unable to reach their audiences with promoted content.

“So a brand should think about how it engages its audience with other organic content, and try that initially.

“I have seen a mix of text, image and video content, and it’s clear video content seems to be getting the most cut-through.

“It’s not an important platform for digital marketing purposes at the moment due to the relatively small audience and inability to target your messages. So if a marketing manager is already busy, put it on the “to watch” pile.

“It’s important to consider that new Threads users automatically follow the people they follow on Instagram, which are likely very different to the people they follow on Twitter. Will this disconnect mean that Threads is used differently?”

Lee Marples, Founder and Strategic Director at Think3 said,  “Threads is going to be one of those platforms where you not only need to be posting on the platform, but you also need to be engaging with people on the platform to increase discoverability.

“Whilst this may seem like it is copying another certain platform (*cough cough* Twitter), Threads shouldn’t be treated as a stand-alone platform, it should be treated as an extension of Instagram.

“With this connectivity, businesses and charities should consider how they can make these platforms work in tandem. For example, they could start a conversation on Threads and share this on their Instagram story to encourage others to get involved.

“It will be a place where brands and individuals can build communities and have conversations. Whilst it is still very much in its infancy, with no searches and no hashtags, keep at it and keep posting and importantly replying to threads to find them again.

“We will see new features coming out in the next few months I’m sure but when will paid advertising land?”

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