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AI risks ‘Terminator scenario’ with loss of control which is the biggest concern

by Tech Reporter
2nd Nov 23 10:33 am

The Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan warned losing control of AI is the largest concern such as a “Terminator style” scenario.

Speaking to Time Rado at the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park she said loss of control has been a topic of private discussions.

She said, “That is a risk that is much more hypothetical in nature, that naturally is the one that I am most concerned about because it is the one that would result in the gravest ramifications.”

It was put to Donelan, referencing Arnold Schwarzenegger film where machines take over the world, i.e; the “Terminator scenario.”

She said, “Well, that is one potential area where it could lead but there are several stages before that.”

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was asked whether a Terminator-style rise of the machines is possible?

Sunak said, “People developing this technology themselves have raised the risk that AI may pose and it’s important to not be alarmist about this.

“There’s debate about this topic. People in the industry themselves don’t agree and we can’t be certain.

“But there is a case to believe that it may pose a risk on a scale like pandemics and nuclear war, and that’s why, as leaders, we have a responsibility to act to take the steps to protect people, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Elon Musk said AI was “one of the biggest threats” humanity faces, but said it was “not clear to me if we can control such a thing,” adding, that for the first time, humans face “something that is going to be far more intelligent than us.”

Speaking to GB News, Donelan said, “We have convened countries across the globe, companies that are working in this space producing that cutting-edge AI and also academics, scientists, experts from all over the world to have a conversation and work out, ‘OK, what are the risks?’

“How can we work together in a long-term process so that we can really tackle this and get the benefits for humanity, not just here in the UK, but across the globe?”

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