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Elon Musk warns AI will create job losses and people could ‘lose the meaning of life’

by Tech Reporter
3rd Nov 23 2:28 pm

Elon Musk has said during a meeting with the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at Downing Street that people could “lose the meaning of life” as AI has the power to make every job redundant.

Musk told Sunak that “There will come a point where no job is needed. You can have a job if you want a job for personal satisfaction but the AI can do everything.”

He added, “I don’t know whether that makes people comfortable or uncomfortable.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter Musk warned, AI will be the “most disruptive force in history.”

Musk added in the meeting, “One of the challenges will be how do we find meaning in life.”

He said computers will end up doing the jobs that humans find “tedious” or “challenging.”

The Prime Minister described Musk as a “brilliant innovator and technologist” over his stance on technology.

The Tesla boss described AI as being a “magic genie” which will provide you with any wish you want and that it will be an “age of abundance” providing a “universal high income.”

Musk then warned that the world “should be quite concerned” about humanoid robots which will be able to “follow you anywhere.”

He said, “A humanoid robot can basically chase you anywhere.!

The boss of SpaceX warned, “It’s something we should be quite concerned about. If a robot can follow you anywhere, what if they get a software update one day, and they’re not so friendly anymore?”

Musk said that the pace of AI is “faster than any technology I’ve seen in history,” adding that “the government isn’t used to moving at that speed.”

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