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New app for dog owners who can’t bear to part with their pooch

by Tech Reporter
25th May 21 3:20 pm

To celebrate National Dog Friendly Day, Dog Furiendly has launched a groundbreaking new app across the UK which will revolutionise planning activities with dogs.

Released on 29 May, the free-to-use app provides dog owners with the option to find places locally across the UK and Ireland. It features a search engine with over 12,000 dog friendly cafes, pubs, restaurants, attractions, events and more.

Research suggests that 85% of dogs suffer from separation related anxiety, feeling frightened, lonely or sad whenever their owners head out to work or pop out of the house*.

The wave of separation anxiety has increased since lockdown amongst dogs who have grown accustomed to having their owners at home.

The new app from Dog Furiendly aims to alleviate the problem, by supporting dog owners to make more travel choices that include the dog.

Other features of the app include a user based rating system where users can make decisions based on the reviews and experiences of other dog owners. Dog owners can also use the app to create their own profile, save their favourite places, follow friends and send messages.

The app isn’t just limited to places to go, it also includes vital services like vets, pet shops and dog groomers. If it’s dog related, Dog Furiendly are barking mad for it!

Adele Pember, founder of Dog Furiendly, was inspired to start the business after struggling to find places to take her Chihuahua, Charlie, who suffers from separation anxiety.

Adele said: “The life of a dog is way too short, and many will spend it waiting for their human to come home from work or the pub.

“Our new app means leaving the dog at home is a thing of the past. Owners can now include the dog in plans, providing more memories to cherish.”

“For so many people, dogs have been a great support through the pandemic. Now that things are opening back up it would feel wrong to leave them at home while you go out and have fun. They deserve the same love and support that they offer us and our new app means we can always be together.”

Early estimates suggest that up to 12 million dog owners will benefit from this new platform. This means that wherever you go in the UK or Ireland you can use Dog Furiendly to find somewhere who welcomes your dog with a wagging tail.

Eliana Carmen from Norfolk has had a great experience with the app.

She said, “We love being able to pull up the app no matter where we are in the UK and finding the perfect spot for lunch or a day out- that will happily welcome us and the dogs!”

Dog Furiendly are supporting dog friendly businesses after lockdown restrictions by encouraging them to add their dog friendly place to the app free of charge.

On the 29th May, dog owners can download the Dog Furiendly App for free from Google Play or Apple Store. To pre-register visit: dogfuriendly.com/app

Dog owners are encouraged to share their favourite dog friendly places on the platforms social channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @dogfuriendly.

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